Freshwater Fishes

Tidal and non-tidal freshwater fishes

The Fish of Jug Bay Patuxent River, Maryland: A Pictorial Key (2007), 18 pages. Substantial redesign and revision of 1994 edition by Doris Peters and Shannon Smithberger. Current revisions by Karyn Molines and Jeffrey Campbell.

We wrote this key for volunteers assisting with fish seining. The objective is an easy to use guide focusing on readily identifiable characteristics that can be observed in the field instead of more formal keys using more technical language and characteristics such as the number of rays and spines not as easily observed in live specimens in the field

A sample page from an appendix highlighting the differences between similar species is currently available. The full document is published on the Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary ( web site. It is also available in poster format.

Additional Resources

Photograph of a tidal wetlands fish

Male Mummichog
Fundulus heteroclitus

Commonly found in the tidal fresh water estuary at Jug Bay

Small image of a page from the fish guide

Sample page from our Jug Bay fish guide