Site Organization

  • The Information Technology section introduces topics such as databases, GIS (Geographic Information Systems), and information visualization as well as broader topics of user interface (UI) improvement, application integration, and web services.
  • The Environmental Data section mainly contains examples of databases, information systems, and web pages that use a variety of techniques and follow guidelines for a high quality user experience. Each example includes a view of the final result and a discussion of the design decisions that contributed to its success. For most, there is a an outline of how to do something similar with your own data.
  • The Maryland Nature section provides additional resources for nature topics related to environmental informatics projects I have done or of particular personal interest, including those I have presented at conferences, workshops, and field trips.
  • The Publications contains a sortable and searchable list of Jeff Campbell's publications ranging from academic journals to humorous presentations.

Measurement of evapotranspiration.